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Custom Business Solutions: BJ’s Restaurants Supplier of the Year

January 10, 2018

We have heard some big news pertaining to our friends over at Custom Business Solutions: They were named BJ’s Restaurants 2017 Suppler of the Year!


CBS has been BJ’s Restaurants technology partner for 16 years, providing the casual-dining-industry leader with point of sale hardware, software, and a variety of related technology services through the years.


“Custom Business Solutions has long been a valuable partner to BJ’s Restaurants. Selecting them as 2017’s Supplier of the Year is a testament to the successful relationship our companies have shared for many years,” says Brian Krakower, Chief Information Officer at BJ’s Restaurants.


This recognition comes after Custom Business Solutions assisted BJ’s with a rollout of 3,800 hand-held ordering devices from Touch Dynamic across the company’s 195 locations. In one of the industry’s largest hand-held ordering deployments, BJ’s announced last year its plans to migrate to tablets for servers as one of its four sales-driving initiatives that also includes third-party delivery, daily ‘brewhouse’ specials and new slow-roasting ovens to diversify its menu offering.


“We’re honored to be recognized by such a prestigious company, and this validates our philosophy of seeing our customers as partners,” says Custom Business Solutions CEO Art Julian. “Our entire team thanks BJ’s for acknowledging our efforts.”


Moving to a tablet ordering system equipped with POSitouch, increased table turns and improved guest satisfaction. In addition, BJ’s Restaurants guests experience an increase in service levels, as the additional hardware can facilitate payments directly at the table.


We have all been there before: sitting in a restaurant with friends or family, trying to flag down a server to pay a bill. And becoming increasingly frustrated when you cannot get their attention. Now customers at BJ’s can pay and leave at their leisure. This gives staff the opportunity to pay attention to other customers and gives the diner flexibility and power to leave immediately or take their time.


Moving to the tablet has also equipped the service staff with superior tools. Enabling them to provide better hospitality and give a more personalized guest experience. By eliminating many of the steps taken by a sever as part of the order entry process, BJ’s can deliver food and drinks to their guests faster, in a more seamless fashion, leading to improved guest satisfaction.


Julian adds, “BJ’s Restaurants has always been one of CBS’ most innovative technology partners. While we are humbled by the Supplier of the Year recognition, we know it would not have been possible if not for the innovation and dedication from both partners to make projects like the hand-held roll-out such a success.”


Curious about how Custom Business Solutions can help your company? Check out their Northstar POS system and its capabilities to power and improve your restaurant!

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