Jeremy Julian

The Future of Food & Tech Pt. 2

September 13, 2017

Continuing from last week’s article, The Future of Tech & Food Pt.1, we are taking another look overseas to see how chains are using technology in new and interesting ways. If you missed our previous article, be sure to click on the link above.


McDonalds in Sweden changing job applications, maybe forever.
McDonalds in Sweden making it easier to apply with Job Box. Applicants no longer need to submit an application nor fill out an application. How convenient is that!?


Instead, applicants can enter the soundproof Job Box and inside, applicants can participate in a six-question video interview.


The chain says that the booth makes the application process accessible to young, tech-savvy job-seekers. This is an extension of McDonald’s existing video interview process, which requires applicants to download an app for use on a smart device.


KFC India – Customizing toys with a 3-D Printer
How would you like a toy made in your likeness? Well, that’s what is happening in India. Customers can purchase the I-Box, which is designed to promote KFC’s new 5-in-1 meal box. Guests purchasing an I-Box receive a 5-in-1 box along with what the chain touted as a grown-up version of a conventional kids meal toy. KFC India’s Chief Marketing Officer says the I-Box campaign was a way for the brand to engage with guests, who are increasingly seeking out new experiences.


You can check out the promotion here.


This begs the question: If you gave adults toys in their meals, would they come back for more? We loved toys as kids, would we not love it now? We would love to see the data!


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