Jeremy Julian

How Restaurant Technology is Enabling Superior Employee Performance and Experience

July 20, 2021

Time is a zero-sum game.

The time you spend doing one thing is time that you can’t spend doing something else.

So, if your best team members are tied up with paperwork, processing, or compliance tasks it follows that they will have less time to spend on the front-of-the-house, customer-facing, work that really builds your business.

Cutting Staff Bureaucracy and Administration

Fortunately, today’s restaurant technology offers plenty of ways to liberate your key staff from these burdens and allow them to spend more time creating the great food and welcoming ambiance on which the success of your business will depend.

Modern digital systems, integrated with your restaurant POS, allow for the automation of tasks such as staff rostering, timesheets, and the calculation of wages and expenses.

Improved Customer Loyalty and Guest Experience

But, perhaps more importantly, a simple step such as providing table staff with handheld tablets connected directly to the kitchen and bar will enable a far more rapid service and table turns.

Your team will be less stressed and they’ll have more time for that face-to-face interaction with diners – the key to providing the memorable experience that promotes customer loyalty.

Of course, it helps your profitability, but it’s also a great morale booster for your staff – and likely more tips.

Cloud-Based Management Systems

And apart from this direct benefit, modern systems now allow for the highly efficient management of your staff, whether on-site or off.

Team members will have immediate access to the information they need, and the ability to see and if necessary amend records.

This might mean the ability to revise schedules with a single click, understand payroll and overtime costs in real time, manage call-outs, and monitor productivity.

Whatever the issue, it can be resolved quickly and easily, without the distraction of phone calls, and is a great benefit to both productivity and morale.

Staff Training and Development

Retaining quality personnel is a well-known challenge across an industry renowned for its high staff turnover.

But motivating them to stay is far more than just a matter of money. You need them to believe that they are valued, and, more importantly, that they will be able to grow and develop within your business.

Fortunately, there are now systems that will assist with staff training and skills – something that busy outlets have often been forced to neglect in the past.

A good system will allow your managers to keep confidential track of all employee training and development issues, set personal goals as required, and maintain a clear picture of the organization’s overall staffing requirements.

The Key Takeaway

The bottom line is this:

Staff turnover has always been a significant cost in a highly competitive and tight-margin industry. And in the post-COVID era, the ability to recruit and retain quality people will be more important than ever.

So you need to be aware of the numerous ways in which today’s restaurant technology can help leverage their skills and develop their talents.

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