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Restaurant Inventory Management Technology Improves Efficiency

November 8, 2022

Restaurants need the latest and most efficient restaurant inventory management tools to ensure a smooth business flow and stay completely stocked and informed. The old ways of manually looking at inventory and guessing how much of each item you’ll need and use are a thing of the past. Using the latest technology to manage restaurant inventory is helping establishments of all sizes stay up to the minute on availability and ordering. 

Why You Need Better Inventory Technology

Using outdated methods to track inventory and food costs allows for more waste and less accurate ordering and inventory management. It’s much easier to make costly mistakes and miscalculate ordering needs and order timing. When this happens, a restaurant can suffer losses and frustration for the owner or management and even customers who need access to the options they want from your restaurant. However, the latest technology makes those issues a thing of the past by allowing you to have transparency with inventory and giving restaurant owners the power of automation. 

Types of Inventory Management Technology

When a restaurant must stay on top of ordering and cost-effective practices, these technology options streamline the entire process. If you still need to incorporate these methods into your daily operations, now is the time to start. 

Use a Handheld POS System

A handheld POS system allows your servers and staff to place orders, track inventory levels, and execute payments from a convenient, portable device. This technology allows you to see what items are running low, which need to be used, customer and server activities, and much more. It’s essential for reducing wait times, low inventory levels, and increasing overall efficiency. These devices are cost-effective and allow for better operations and inventory control streamlining. 

Exciting Inventory Apps and Software

Several top options for integrating software and apps allow you to manage and view inventory in your restaurant effortlessly. Manage to order with a few clicks and see which items were ordered and when to ensure the freshness of foods served at your facility. These inventory management systems allow you to stay on top of the most recent volumes, usage details, and more. These software tools will enable you to use handheld electronic devices to stay informed and connect to your operating system. Some highlights these software and app options provide to restaurants include the following.

  • Cost of goods
  • Par levels
  • Recipes for costing
  • Conversions 
  • Count sheet 

These tools and features allow you to have end-to-end inventory control that’s easy to understand and provides the details of the information you need to stay prepared and reduce costs and waste. 


Avoid costly inventory problems by using traditional inventory management techniques. They may have worked adequately in the past, but they could be more precise and leave room for food waste, miscalculation, lack of supply, and many other problems. Incorporating the latest technology helps reduce issues and inventory control efforts. It’sIt’s the best way to get ahead and stay ahead in the competitive restaurant industry. 

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