Improve Restaurant Services With Handheld POS Devices

handheld POS devices

The restaurant industry is rapidly advancing when it comes to integrating technology. The handheld POS device is one piece that is making things easier for restaurants and customers. A highly convenient and versatile handheld unit is excellent for streamlining payments and speeding up the customer’s wait times for checking out. 

Advantages of a Handheld POS System

Imagine improving how food payments are handled to avoid long wait times and server footwork. This is where the handheld POS system shines. There are many instances where a handheld POS system enhances the restaurant experience for the customer and makes paying and tipping easier. When convenience is a significant factor in customer satisfaction, technology can make the process easier for everyone. For example, when people dine outside or in a crowded location, having the option to pay right from their table makes everyone happier and helps reduce the workload on the server. 

Convenience in the Palm of Your Hand

Everyone wants the best possible reputation and customer satisfaction in the restaurant business. A handheld POS system is the perfect addition to your restaurant to improve serving times and checkout. Consider how this new and efficient technology can boost your sales and increase your reviews and reputation. 

  • Intuitive Layout

One of the most significant advantages of the handheld POS system is its intuitive design and easy-to-use features. Servers don’t have to struggle with using it, and most customers will quickly understand the layout of the payment screens. They make checkout times a fraction of what they would be using traditional methods. For example, servers walk back and forth to the POS terminal several times for each table. When they have a handheld POS system, they don’t need to do additional walking because they have the system with them. 

  • Placing Orders

The fascinating aspect of ordering from the handheld POS is that you can place orders in the system right from the table. This capability helps servers get orders into the kitchen faster and allows customers to get their food more accurately because the server can place the order. At the same time, it is still fresh in their minds and will enable them to confirm any changes or ask questions while entering the meal details. 


Anyone who owns or manages a restaurant should consider a handheld POS system, an investment that pays for itself. Customers are far more likely to recommend your establishment and give it a great review, which attracts new customers and helps you stay competitive in the industry.