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160. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 160 – Yelp for Small Business. How to maximize your use of Yelp

November 28, 2022

 As Yelp’s Small Business Expert and host of the Behind the Review podcast, Emily Washcovick has spoken to thousands of restaurant owners about the challenges they face and strategies they employ to overcome them – not to mention their perspectives on online reviews, both good and bad. Helping businesses succeed is Emily’s north star, and she believes that by taking an active role in their online reputation, business owners can foster deeper connections with customers. “Don’t fear the review” is a mantra – by not engaging with reviews, businesses are missing out on an incredible opportunity. In this conversation, Emily demystifies online reviews and offers a thoughtful perspective on how restaurants can leverage reviews for marketing and customer service transparency. Read full transcript here

Improve Restaurant Services With Handheld POS Devices

November 22, 2022

The restaurant industry is rapidly advancing when it comes to integrating technology. The handheld POS device is one piece that is making things easier for restaurants and customers. This highly convenient and versatile handheld unit is excellent for streamlining payments and speeding up the customer’s wait times for checking out. 

159. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 159 – Comdata the originators of paycards talk the value of daily pay in the restaurants

November 14, 2022

Brian Radin Bio: Join Jeremy and Brian Radin to talk about how paycards can help restaurants with retention and hiring. Brian Radin is the President of Comdata Prepaid. In his career, he has proven success with market leaders and start-ups across software, business services, human capital management, and finance industries. He also has an impeccable record of maximizing the strategic business model, optimizing business processes, and creating innovative initiatives that facilitate sustainable growth, and generate traction in competitive markets. Radin has been recognized for identifying/securing key partners and sales channels, raising capital, building strategic C-level relationships with the investment community, and for developing highly engaged leadership teams that increased revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Fintwist – Superior Workforce Payment Solutions (

Restaurant Inventory Management Technology Improves Efficiency

November 8, 2022

Restaurants need the latest and most efficient restaurant inventory management tools to ensure a smooth business flow and stay completely stocked and informed.

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