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CBS Webinars: The Guys Live from New York at NRF

December 13, 2013

We’re heading to New York City for “The Big Show” that is the National Retail Federation’s annual convention January 12-15. We’ll be roaming the aisles to see and talk with people on the leading edge of retail technology in a number of areas that are relevant to restaurant operators. These will include Mobile Payments, Digital Menuboards, POS Terminals, Tablets, PCI Compliance, Data Tools and a whole lot more. Join us for our “Live from New York” Webinar Thursday January 16 when we’ll talk about the “Top 5 Things We Like the Best at NRF”. We’re hoping to have one or two special guests from retail technology companies join in for a live Q&A along with fresh video interviews from the NRF show floor.Continue Reading …

Upcoming End-of-Life Dates for Windows OS

December 4, 2013

PCI Compliance requires merchants to run currently-supported Windows Operating Systems on the computers on their PCI network.  If their current Windows OS isn’t supported merchants must upgrade to a current supported version. End-of-life dates for various Windows OS as published by Microsoft: Windows XP  –  April 2014 Embedded XP – December 2016 Vista   – April 2017 Windows 7 – January 2020 Please reach out to your CBS Account Manager if you have any further questions about PCI Compliance and your current Windows OS. CBS Account Managers: Jason Perovich  949-609-6715 Anthony Gartung  800-551-7674 x254 Cindy Milligan  832-452-7291

2014 IRS Forced Gratuity Reporting Requires POSitouch Changes

December 4, 2013

Many of you may be aware that in 2012, the IRS changed the distinction for forced gratuities on the guest receipts. These forced gratuities are now considered service charges and are entitled to be taxed and reported on. Please see the delineation on what is considered a tip on the National Restaurant Association Website.  With all of this being changed, the IRS gave some extra time for restaurants to comply if they didn’t have systems in place to report on these forced gratuities.  Here are a number of articles that will provide more information: Within the POSitouch system, there is now newer software that can report the tax on the forced gratuities.  This information shows on the Sales Journal reportContinue Reading …

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