Jeremy Julian

Upcoming End-of-Life Dates for Windows OS

December 4, 2013

windows logoPCI Compliance requires merchants to run currently-supported Windows Operating Systems on the computers on their PCI network.  If their current Windows OS isn’t supported merchants must upgrade to a current supported version.
End-of-life dates for various Windows OS as published by Microsoft:

  • Windows XP  –  April 2014
  • Embedded XP – December 2016
  • Vista   – April 2017
  • Windows 7 – January 2020

Please reach out to your CBS Account Manager if you have any further questions about PCI Compliance and your current Windows OS.

CBS Account Managers:
Jason Perovich  949-609-6715
Anthony Gartung  800-551-7674 x254
Cindy Milligan  832-452-7291

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