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Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 95 with Anthony Mejia of Pieology on the state of technology in the restaurant industry

November 2, 2020

Anthony Mejia, VP of IT for Pieology talks all things technology. From his start in the industry to where he thinks technology will take us into the future.

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 94 – Building business value with Tom Bronson of Mastery Partners

October 26, 2020

Jeremy and Tom talk about the convergence of POS, Technology and Operations and how to do it right. Also, on the value of starting with the end in mind.

Robots in the Kitchen? Just Another Way COVID is Driving Rapid Change

October 20, 2020

If the idea of robots in the kitchen conjures up nightmare visions of 3CPO or R2D2 donning chefs’ hats and clanking noisily into your workspace, then relax. We’re not talking about anything of the kind.

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 93- Creating Restaurant Prosperity with Restaurant Experts David Scott Peters

October 19, 2020

Jeremy and David talk about people, process, technology and how to deploy it effectively. Check out David’s Bio. David Scott Peters is an author, restaurant coach and speaker who teaches restaurant operators how to use his trademark Restaurant Prosperity Formula to cut costs and increase profits. His first book, Restaurant Prosperity Formula: What Successful Restaurateurs Do, teaches the systems and traits to develop to run a profitable restaurant. Known as THE expert in the restaurant industry, he uses a no-BS style to teach and motivate restaurant owners to take control of their businesses and finally realize their full potential. Thousands of restaurants have used his formula to transform their businesses. To learn more about David Scott Peters, his formula for restaurant success, his book,Continue Reading …

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 92 – Talking the value of open system with the team from RTN and Netsurion

October 12, 2020

In today’s podcast, we talk about the value of having an open system, inner connecting your technology and unpack the Restaurant Technology Network’s Off-Prem Playbook that has contributions by Netsurion. Please check them out at and Netsurion

In-Car Ordering Apps – the Inevitable Next Big Thing?

October 6, 2020

Are in-car ordering apps the next big thing to hit the restaurant industry? According to a 2019 survey by OnePoll, Americans spend on average more than 8 hours a week in their cars.

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