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7 Tech Trends Changing the Way Restaurants do Business in 2022

July 12, 2022

The restaurant industry is unique in that it is arguably one of the riskiest and most unchanging business categories there are. However, the insurgence of the information technology revolution kicked off a series of popular and profitable innovations which have taken root in the restaurant business, changing it irrevocably.

What’s more, the social changes that set in during the global health crisis of 2020 through the summer of 2022, have accelerated the rate of adoption of these tech tools, making the restaurant sector into one of the most radically modernized business sectors of the last two years.

To boost their ability to reach customers during the pandemic climate, restaurants that survived have adopted innovative information technology at breakneck speed. This has dramatically altered the way these organizations function. It has even made the restaurant industry less vulnerable to the whim of shifting demand. What that means for restaurateurs is adopting these modern tools is no longer optional, not if they want to remain competitive.

To that end, here are seven tech trends that are taking the restaurant industry by storm.

7 Tech Trends Competitive Hospitality Establishments are Taking Very Seriously

When any technology is widely adopted, it is usually because it makes us more productive, is enjoyable, and provides convenience. These three factors also make adoption necessary. Consider the cellular phone or even the automobile. Once a fad convenience, ordinary life is now almost impossible without these devices. In the same way, restaurants that fail to onboard these tech solutions will fall behind the curve.

7. Air Purification Tech

More than just filtered air conditioning, establishments are installing localized filter units at tables, ordering locations, and entryways. It improves air quality and creates a valuable feeling of safety for patrons.

6. QR Codes

An early iteration of touchless tech, QR codes store and transmit data like coupons, ticketing info, authorization, payment methods, and more. In the age of the non-fungible token, QR codes are becoming an important way to complete specialized transactions.

5. Inventory Management Software

Inventory management has always been a key process for eateries. Automated inventory management takes so much time and effort out of this common process that it is key to remaining competitive.

4. Digital Heads-Up Boards

Another means of streamlining standard restaurant functions, computerized boards can be touchless, are easier to read, and can transmit to other nodes in a local network. Perhaps most importantly, they impress customers.

3. Online Reservation Taking

Once a major bottleneck in the restaurant business, making and taking reservations can now be done by your website or mobile online portal. This takes pressure off of customers and makes your job easier.

2. Touchless Payment

With the fear of germs, hand sanitizer has actually become a hazard since it creates a common touch point and causes liver damage. Touchless payment reduces the transmission rate of germs and is 100% safe.

1. Online Ordering & Delivery Mobile Apps

Delivery is exploding in popularity. People even buy groceries via delivery these days. For restaurants, delivery is rapidly becoming a competitive necessity.

Many of these tech categories will not be a surprise to you. The one that may be least expected is air purification. But the fact that these tech solutions are rapidly becoming ubiquitous means that you cannot afford not to adopt them. At first, the initial investment might seem steep. However, we are confident that these solutions will not only make customers feel safer and more attracted to your establishment, but they can make your business more resilient to risk factors that have been closing restaurants for hundreds of years.

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