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Some Clever Ways to Boost Your Restaurant With QR Codes (Hint – They’re Not Just About Menus)

October 6, 2021

An accelerated shift towards contactless ordering and payment systems was just one of the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the restaurant industry.

So it’s not surprising that restaurant QR codes have become a familiar sight on sidewalk “A” Boards and in the doors and windows of restaurants. They allow customers and prospects the opportunity to view menus on their mobile devices with a single click, without ever having to venture into the establishment in question.

WHAT IS A QR CODE? Click here for details.

This is a great time-saver for both customers and businesses – particularly when linked to an effective online ordering system. And it’s especially valued by potential customers who are still concerned about the transmission of the virus.

But QR codes can be set up to send users to any link of your choosing, so their potential benefits go far beyond helping customers to access digital menus – as useful as these are.

Here are just a few of the ways in which QR codes can help boost your restaurant’s revenues and profitability.

1. Prompt Customers to Engage With Your Online Ordering System

Effective online ordering systems are increasingly demanded as standard by many restaurant customers.

But for those not yet aware of the ease and convenience that they offer, QR codes can be a great way to prompt them to experiment.

And the benefits for your business include avoiding the fees charged by 3rd party ordering apps – sometimes as much as 30% – and the generally higher average spend generated by online orders.

2. Drive Customers to Loyalty Programs, Promotions, Discounts and Deals

You can also use QR codes to drive customers to great revenue-generating engines such as your loyalty program and any promotions discounts or deals you wish to highlight.

This can be done by linking directly to them or by using additional QR codes within the online ordering system.

3. Ask for Reviews

Like it or not, online review sites now play an important role in persuading customers to visit your restaurant or not.

And the sad fact is that those disappointed by their experience are generally far more likely to leave reviews than those who were satisfied or even delighted.

The answer is to make the process of leaving a review as easy as possible and using QR codes to drive customers directly to the relevant sites is a good tactic.

Simply put the code on the customer’s check and you will prompt them to act when the experience is still fresh in their minds. And just asking for a review at this time will significantly increase the amount of positive feedback you receive.    

4. Boost the Visibility of Your Website and Social Media Profiles

Restaurant QR Codes displayed offline can easily be set up to drive visitors to your social media platforms.

But they can also be used on those platforms to allow visitors to download menus, view images of your signature dishes, watch promotional videos, sign-up for your loyalty program, and much, much more. 

5. Display Restuarant QR Codes as Widely as Possible

Your website and social media profiles – particularly Facebook and Instagram – are obvious places to display QR codes.

But displaying them on almost any of the printed or physical materials you use or produce can also produce great results. These materials might include –

  • printed menus;
  • till receipts;
  • window posters and sidewalk “A” Boards;
  • marketing flyers and local press inserts; and even
  • carry-out packaging.

Perhaps surprisingly, restaurant QR codes are in fact a relatively old technology.

But the near-universal use of cellphones with camera and scanner apps has given them a new lease of life. And their creative use by restaurants can be an extremely powerful and almost cost-free marketing tool. 

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