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Do something great for your company: Relay “smart” walkie talkie

August 27, 2020

Relay’s mission is to connect every active worker to the people and information that they need to succeed in their job. This has long been a challenge for active workers – those on the front lines of foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, delivery, etc. –  for whom phones distract from the job at hand, and a walkie talkie is limited by range and cloud access. The Relay “smart” walkie talkie combines the power and range of a smartphone and the immediacy of a walkie talkie in an easy-to-use, durable form factor.

Unlimited channels, calling, workflow automation and dispatch management are a few other tools that the Relay platform offers to streamline active work – and the necessity of these to support new processes and distanced operations is stronger than ever. The rise of ghost kitchens, food trucks, delivery operations and consolidated management is requiring that food service operators have easy access to communicate with teammates who may be in another building or another city.

Relay has been working with food service partners to solve challenges like these as operators adapt to the new normal and the company is passionate about continuing to clear hurdles that the COVID-19 environment presents. To that end, the company has announced a new initiative to continue doing just that – solving communication challenges in the six foot economy.

Relay It Forward invites business owners and operators to share their COVID communication challenges, both good and bad. Some businesses are inundated by drive-thru traffic and need to coordinate complex and scaled operations – while others have consolidated management to oversee multiple locations and need to talk to chefs and check food preparation from a city away. Relay wants to hear it all, and will be donating large scale deployments of the product to help operators thrive in this new environment.

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