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Don’t Go Loco on Cinco de Mayo with These 5 Tips!

April 22, 2015

Don't go loco on Cinco de Mayo with these 5 tips

Let’s face it: human beings will seize any opportunity to celebrate, especially when it involves food or drinks.

We live in a country (and day and age) characterized by stress. People are busier than ever; nearly everyone can relate to the pressure to do more and be more, keep up with the Joneses, etc. etc. The truth is, everyone needs an excuse now and then to slow down and enjoy life. Cinco de Mayo is a great day to do that – and your restaurant can help!

Commonly mistaken as the Mexican Independence Day (that’s September 16), Cinco de Mayo commemorates the day of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the much larger French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Is your restaurant prepared for a Cinco de Mayo celebration? If not, think about it. It’s a great day to improve employee morale, increase customer loyalty and bring in more revenue.

Not a Mexican restaurant? Who cares! Everyone is welcome to celebrate this festive holiday. No matter your culinary genre, you can join the festivities with a few easy changes:

1. Bebidas (Drinks)

Don't go Loco on Cinco de Mayo with these 5 tips!Among other things, Mexico is famous for its beer. Add some Mexican beers to your bar for Cinco de Mayo, as well as some specialty margaritas (get creative!) and tequilas for drink specials.

Be sure to pair your drinks with some great Mexican appetizers to keep guests having fun longer.

Don't go Loco on Cinco de Mayo with these 5 tips!2. Comida (Food)

Add a couple of traditional Mexican appetizers and dishes to your menu for Cinco de Mayo. Chips and salsa, guacamole, and nachos make great appetizers.

Tacos and tortilla soup are super easy and can be customized to fit your restaurant’s unique flair.

3. ¡Fiesta! (Party!)

Make it a party! Keep guests having a great time at your restaurant longer with live music. Have your servers wear something colorful, and add a few Mexican decorations to your restaurant to enhance the atmosphere.

Get creative – have a special drawing to win prizes, do some giveaways, have games – whatever would add to the fun of the night!

4. Semana de Mayo (Week of May)

Rather than just the 5th of May, why not make it the “Week of May”! If not the whole week, how about extending it to the weekend, or at least on Cinco de Mayo Eve. That will provide more opportunities for people to celebrate according to their schedules. And if they don’t feel like battling the crowds all over town, or celebrate on a weeknight, they can celebrate on an “off-night”.

5. Dile al Sus Amigos (Tell your Friends)

Make sure you provide ample notice to your customer base for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations so they can make plans to be there. Promote your festivities on all your social media outlets and be sure to encourage people to invite their friends and family!

Don’t miss out on your chance to create a fun, happy environment for your guests AND bring in more revenue. So don’t go loco on Cinco de Mayo – celebrate!

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