Jeremy Julian

148. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 148 – Cogs-Well with Founder Bill Lindsey

June 20, 2022

Join Jeremy and Bill Lindsey Bill Lindsey | LinkedIn where they talk about Bill’s history with food costing systems and the power of integration to POS sales data. Check out COGS-Well on their website. Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Management Software | COGS-Well Most restaurant inventory and recipe systems take way too much time and effort to install (months) and maintain (many hours per week). Introducing COGS-Well. A revolutionary new system that makes restaurant inventory control and recipe management fast and easy. Check out COGS-Well on their website. Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Management Software | COGS-Well

How to Make Your Food Service Mobile-Friendly

June 15, 2022

It’s time to order a meal for pickup, and your customer is looking forward to feasting on their favorite appetizer and main course. But there are many problems with your online ordering app. Right at checkout, the app glitches, and it stops loading. Your customer goes back to the main menu only to find that everything they ordered has been erased, and they have to start from scratch.

147. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 147 – Now Cuisine Adam Cohen

June 13, 2022

Join Jeremy and Founder Adam Cohen where Now Cuisine is creating a robotic solution to bowl creation. Check them out at Now Cuisine

146. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 146 – Ready to Pay

June 6, 2022

Ready partners with innovative restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality brands to create frictionless order & pay experiences that WOW guests.  Our mobile-first flexible order & pay software platform empowers guests with more choice, boosts revenue, and connects brands directly with customers.   We are a company of food lovers whose goal is to make guests, servers, and operators say, “Why hasn’t it always been like this?”    Our clients are Restaurants, Hotels, Stadiums, Venues, and anywhere food or drinks are served.    Ready to order. Ready to pay. Ready when you are.  

How Food Ordering Tech Takes the Slack During the Restaurant Labor Shortage

June 1, 2022

he post-pandemic labor shortage is hurting practically every industry, and restaurants are no exception. When you can’t find enough people to help with customer service-related tasks, customers get frustrated and leave bad reviews.

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