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RTG in Business Solutions Magazine

October 15, 2015

RTG in Business Solutions MagazineWe are pleased to announce that Custom Business Solutions Marketing Manager and Restaurant Technology Guys blogger Ryan Williams has published an editorial in September’s Business Solutions Magazine.

The editorial is titled “5 Reasons Your Restaurant Clients Need IT Solutions Born in the Cloud.”

Ryan says that “born-in-the-cloud solutions can capitalize on the agility, flexibility, and scalability of cloud computing, deliver a seamless user experience for customers and staff alike, and provide ongoing improvements and innovation.”

Ryan goes on to explain that raising awareness of the benefits available through born-in-the-cloud solutions can ease restaurant owners’ fears about cloud solutions, and keep them on the cutting edge of efficient operations.

Read the entire post for yourself by clicking the link below.

Read 5 Reasons Your Restaurant Clients Need IT Solutions “Born In The Cloud” now >

RTG in Business Solutions Magazine | Restaurant Technology Guys

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