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Tips for Expediting Your Service Call

April 6, 2015

Tips for Expediting Your Service CallAre you a client of CBS Northstar? We thank you for your support and loyalty! We know it can be a stressful time integrating new technology into your restaurant, and a costly investment to boot.

Our goal is to build customers for life, and to that end we pride ourselves on providing superior customer support. So if you have questions or run into some trouble with your POSitouch, Northstar Order Entry, Northstar Recipe Viewer, or any of our other awesome products, we invite you to take advantage of our 24/7 Customer Support.

Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We’ll make sure you get everything you need to fix the problem without delaying or shutting down operations, because we know time is money, and in the hospitality industry, keeping customers happy is crucial!

So whether the problem can be solved over the phone, or we need to send a field technician to your restaurant, we’ll do it with a smile on our faces. We promise you’ll always speak to a live person and receive efficient, helpful assistance.

We know you’re busy and you’d prefer not to be calling us. So here are some tips for expediting your service call, so we can help get you up and running in no time.

Have the following information ready for us:

Answer the who, what, when, why, and how of the problem.

  • When did it start?
  • When was the last time it was working?
  • How did it happen?
  • Who was working on it, and what were they doing?
  • For software-related issues, can you recreate the problem and/or provide examples?
  • If the problem involves hardware, have the location and serial number handy.
  • If any error codes show up, write those down as well.
  • Have some days/times in mind if a field technician needs to come out to your location.
  • Finally, don’t forget to try the obvious “resetting the equipment” before you call. We all know how finicky computers can get – sometimes a restart is all they need.

Anything else you think could be relevant or helpful, let us know! The more information we have, the better we can solve the problem quickly.

In addition to calling our toll free number (800) 551-7674, you can fill out a support request form and CBS customer support will call you back.

Have you used CBS Northstar’s Customer Support? If so, let us know how your experience was and how we can improve!

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