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120. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 120 – Boots on the ground Restaurant Technology with Anthony Cyril

June 15, 2021

Join Jeremy and Anthony where we talk about the life of a restaurant IT professional. Anthony shares some interesting stories of his past, where he has been and his learnings along the way. Check out his LinkedIn profile at Anthony Cyril | LinkedIn

12 Do’s and Don’ts for your Restaurant’s Online Menu

June 15, 2021

COVID-19 changed the restaurant industry forever, shifting business away from a traditional dine-in model towards the new normal of contactless dining. In many ways, your restaurant’s digital presence has become just as, if not more, important than your brick and mortar one.

3D BioPrinting: the Next Big Thing in Restaurant and Food Technology

June 8, 2021

With climate change and other environmental issues seldom out of the headlines, more and more consumers are now looking for plant-based alternatives to their traditional meat-based food choices. Introducing: 3D bioprinting.

118. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 118 – Talking digital invoicing with Food Razor

June 7, 2021

No restaurateur stepped into the industry only to end up dealing with messy invoices and tedious administrative work at the back of house. Join Jeremy and Alf Molinas, CEO of FoodRazor as they dive deeper into adopting technology that eliminates manual invoice processing, and share insights on how to leverage data from these supplier invoices to improve productivity, operational efficiency and profit margins. Keen to learn more about FoodRazor? Check them out here:

117. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 117 – Using Technology to ensure you know your guests with BlueDot.IO

May 31, 2021

Join Jeremy and Emil Davityan, Bluedot CEO, for an enlightening conversation centered around consumer restaurant habits. We talk about the mobile location technology Bluedot provides to brands like McDonald’s, KFC, and Dunkin’ as well as Bluedot’s State of What Feeds Us report which has kept tabs on consumer restaurant behavior since the early days of the pandemic. The report referenced can be found here or you can find Bluedot’s most recent report here.   

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