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MyCheck Announces Full Integration Into POSitouch POS for Full Service and Quick Service Restaurants

August 6, 2014

With built-in loyalty and other premium features, MyCheck enables a “wow” customer experience  New York, NY — July 31, 2014 — MyCheck, the leading checkout technology for restaurants and other businesses across four major markets worldwide, announced a complete integration into POSitouch point-of-sale software for quick service and full service restaurants. The MyCheck install onto POSitouch systems is done remotely and simply involves the implementation of a button straight onto the payment screen.  When a customer indicates to the server or the cashier that they want to pay with MyCheck, the order is entered as it normally would, along with a random four-digit code that is generated on the user’s smartphone upon check-in to the location.  At that point, the user will receive anContinue Reading …

I just upgraded my POS, am I PCI compliant now?

July 10, 2014

So you just upgraded your system to a shiny new POS system. Your software is now at the forefront of technology. You shouldn’t have to worry about PCI compliance at this point, should you? Maybe, maybe not. PCI compliance… What a fickle beast you are.  Even after 20+ years in the hospitality POS industry, consumer card protection is the one topic that never gets old. For those of you without direct experience with it, here’s a little education on the PCI. Depending on your POS platform, you will either be considered an “on premise vendor” which requires you to fill out SAQ C or SAQ D.  Each of these have their own separate compliance, questions, regulations, etc. etc. If you have integrated credit cardsContinue Reading …

BJ’s App Serving Up Convenience and Ease For Customers

June 26, 2014

Mobile commerce has really struck a chord in the mind of consumers these days. We’ve already discussed how people love their cell phones, so why not make your restaurant accessible through an app?  That’s exactly what our friends at BJ’s did.  The team at BJ’s (an upscale casual dining group of restaurants primarily found in the Western US states and Florida) released what they consider to be a game changer for the casual dining industry with their new mobile app. BJ’s was facing several issues when coming up with the app.  First, this chain often sees long waits at many of their stores, a deterrent to some in considering a place to dine. The team also faces strong competition coming out of the fastContinue Reading …

2 BIG Questions Answered When Implementing Web Ordering

June 19, 2014

With so many different web ordering companies out there, how do you choose the correct one for your business?  Which provider is the right provider for your customers?  Should you integrate your web ordering into your point of sale? The list of questions goes on. Below are two of the biggest questions we see come across our desks. 2 Questions Answered When Implementing Web Ordering: 1. How do I choose the correct web ordering provider? Just as you did when choosing a POS (point of sale) provider, you need to look for some references.  Talk to other restaurateurs. Existing customers are going to give you the stripped-down version of what they like, don’t like, and if they would make the purchase again. Get yourContinue Reading …

3 Ways Your POS Works With Online Web

June 5, 2014

You’ve been pumping out some of the best eats in the city for a while now. Your sales are good, but you feel like they could be even better.  In today’s world of convenience, you have to go where the customer is… and the customer is on the Internet. You decide to implement an online ordering solution… But you are now faced with getting the web ordering system to play nicely with your POS system.  Here are three ways that you can get your web ordering to work with your POS system.   Printer Integration – One of the easiest ways to integrate web ordering is to simply send the order from the web to a printer in your restaurant.  Most all of theContinue Reading …

8 Ways to Protect Your Kitchen Hardware

May 22, 2014

Everyone wants to get the most out of their POS investment. A way to do this is to have printers, screens, and terminals in the kitchen that allow the servers to communicate orders to the kitchen quickly and efficiently. The kitchen, however, is the roughest area of the restaurant on the equipment.  If the hardware is damaged or not working properly, your bottom line is affected.  Here are 8 ways to make sure your investment continues to work for you: Make sure paper is in the printer before peak hours: You are in the midst of the lunch rush; orders are popping out of the printer left and right. Next thing you know, the printer stops printing. The little green light indicates it’s outContinue Reading …

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